Wav file and Real Cassette Settings

Open window to change settings for wav files and real cassette handling.


Select one of the sub menu items to adjust sound equalization. Default 'TV Speaker' is selected. For other sound information see the Sound chapter.


Sub menu items for Emma 02 window handling.

CPU Type

Select one of the sub menu items (yellow ellipse) to choose the CPU type used for all emulated computers. Default CDP1805 is selected allowing a more extensive instruction set than the CDP1802. The CDP1805 is backward compatible with the CDP1802 which was used in most emulated computers.

Note: The FRED 1 will always be emulated using a SYSTEM00 and the Microtutor, RCA Video Coin Arcade and FRED 1.5 will always be emulated using a CDP1801. This is due to the fact that these CPUs were used in the real machines and they are not fully compatible with the CDP1802.

Startup Values

Select one of the sub menu items (yellow ellipse) to set the startup values for CPU registers, RAM or Video RAM. The following options can be chosen:

Function and Hot Keys

Open function and Hot keys window.

Use Numeric Keypad

Unselect this menu item if your PC does NOT have a numeric keypad (numpad). If unselected all keymap definitions will (where possible) not use any key definitions from the PC numeric keypad.

Note: the keypad definition 'on Character' for keypad B in the VIP emulator will always use the numeric keypad as there is no good way to handle this without using a numeric keypad.

Default keyboard

Default keyboard mapping is defined for a US keyboard layout. However a few different other layouts (Dutch, German, French, Swedish / Finnish) are provided and can be selected via this menu. See chapter Default Keyboard for more details.