COMX-35 Emulator

This emulator will emulate the COMX-35 and PC1 home computer. Additional information about the COMX can be found on the Emma 02, Dutch COMX Club and on Wikipedia.

To start the COMX-35 emulator, select the COMX-35 tab (yellow ellipse) and then press Start (orange ellipse):

The above will work in the default Emma 02 configuration however if a COMIX configuration is loaded a COMIX-35 will start instead. The only difference in the Emma 02 emulation between the COMX and COMIX is the DRAM refresh which is not available (or needed) on the COMIX as the COMIX doesn't use Dynamic RAM. Due to this the COMX will run slower than the COMIX.

To load a COMX-35 configuration load one of the configurations with the menu option below (blue ellipse) following the grey menu:

Summary of the COMX-35 configurations:


COMX-35 with Super Board support as well as floppy, printer and 80 column support

F&M Eprom Board:

COMX-35 with F&M Eprom Board support as well as COMX-35 BASIC ROM 1.3 (for corrections see Did you know...?), F&M expansion 3.2, floppy, printer (F&M version 1.2) and 80 column support.


COMX-35 as it was in the box! No corrections included on the BASIC ROM and no expansion boards


COMX-35 as it was in the box and original expansion box ROM, also included: floppy, printer, 32K RAM and 80 column support. All using original ROMs without any corrections.

Other COMX-35 Emulator features:

COMX-35 and PC1
Did you know...?
ROM Files
Super Board
Expansion Box
Disk Support
Parallel Printer Support
Serial Printer Support
Thermal Printer Support
PL-80 Plotter Simulation
F&M Joy Card
Video Dump
Cassette Support
Real Cassette Support
Key File
Video Mode, Setup and Log
80 Column Support
Zoom Level and Full Screen Mode
F&M EPROM Switchboard
Diagnostic Board
RAM Card
Memory Access
Clock Speed