Command Line

Any of the Emma 02 computers can be started via the command line. If the option -c=<str> is used no GUI will be started but instead the computer specified in the <str> field will be started directly. The following computer strings can be specified:

Options valid for all command line cases:
-h, --help, show command line help message
-p, --portable, run in portable mode (see below)
-u, --skip update, skip update check
-w, --window, non fixed window positions (See also Window Settings
-c, --computer=<str>, start emulator without gui and for specified computer

Options only valid when "-c" is specified:
-v, --verbose, verbose output
-f, --fullscreen, full screen mode
-s, --software=<str>, load specified software on start
-r, --run=<str>, run specified software on start
-ch, --chip8=<str>, load specified chip8 software on start

Note the equal sign is optional in the above commands. All commands where software files are specified can either include the full path (c:gamesinvaders.st2) or just the file name. If only a file name is used Emma 02 will try to load the game file from the directory specified in the emma_02.ini file (set manually or via the GUI).

It is possible to specify -s="" (for a Studio II, Studio III / Victory MPT-02 or Visicom COM-100) to start without st2 file loaded, i.e. to run emulator with the build-in games.

In portable mode (-p) the emulator can run from any location and will expect all data and setting files in the sub directory "data" in the application directory (wherever the Emma 02.exe file is located). The first time option -p is used all directory entries in the .ini file will be set to the application folder on start-up. Also if the "data" folder does not exist it will be created.


"Emma 02" -p -c=tmc2000 -s chip8.ram -ch "Landing.ch8"
-> Starts a TMC2000 with chip8 and chip8 game Landing

"Emma 02" -p -c=comx -r "C:\Emma 02\data\Comx\Games\HappieHap 2.comx"
-> starts Happiehap 2 (pac man clone) on the COMX, assuming the Emma 02 path specified is correct.

"Emma 02" -p -c=victory -s invaders.st2
-> Starts victory invaders, assuming the Victory directory is set to default.

On game computers like Studio II and Cidelsa -s is the same as -r, for others like the COMX -s just loads the SW but will not run it like -r.

When using the command line on Mac OS X note that the executable is stored in the folder: /Applications/Emma So to start a COMX with Happiehap 2 use:
/Applications/Emma\\ 02 -c=comx -r "/Users/your user/Documents/emma_02/Comx/Games/Happiehap 2.comx"