XMODEM Support

Default and simplest method to transfer files over the XMODEM to/from the Elf (Cosmac Elf, Netronics Elf II or Quest Super Elf) emulator is by making sure both options 'Turbo' and 'Auto' are checked. Depending on which type you choose, i.e. automatic or manual please follow the instructions below.

Also make sure 'XMODEM' is enabled and shown by pressing the 'Toggle: Cassette - XMODEM - Off' button (2 arrows) to toggle between 'Cassette', XMODEM and Off. XMODEM support is not enabled by default! The Pico/Elf configurations which includes a working XMODEM configuration can be loaded via the 'File/Configuration/Load/Pico/Elf' menu.

For details on the Pico/Elf also see the chapter on Pico/Elf V2.

Auto file transfer

Default settings, to use this make sure 'Auto' is checked. The automatic mode will work with the Pico/Elf Elf/OS 0.3.2 (xr, xrb, xs, xsb, yr and ys commands) as well as the load and save functions in the diskless ROM v1.1.

To transfer a file to or from the Pico/Elf select the file in the file selector window by pressing the XMODEM button. After that give the xr, xrb, xs, xsb, yr or ys command in Elf/OS or start the load/save function in the diskless ROM. For the yr command it is possible to select multiple files in the file selector window, Emma 02 will also send the filenames to Elf/OS. For the ys command any filename specified is NOT used, instead the file names specified in Elf/Os will be used and resulting files will be stored in the folder selected via XMODEM. For all other file transfers only one file will be used, if multiple files were selected only the first will be used.

If no file is specified before starting the file transfer the Pico/Elf will wait for the transfer to start. If this happens unselect the auto checkbox and try a manual transfer.

Manual file transfer

To use this make sure 'Auto' is NOT checked.

To transfer a file to or from the Pico/Elf select the file in the file selector window by pressing the XMODEM button. After that start the file transfer command on the emulated Elf. Then press play for transferring to the Elf and press record for transferring from the Elf.

Turbo file transfer

When Turbo is selected the emulator will increase speed during file transfer to allow faster file transfer in the emulator. The speed of the Turbo mode can be changed; default is 15 MHz, which works ok on both my desktop and laptop. Too high values will not run ok on slower PCs as all CPU power will be used by the emulator.

YMODEM Receive (yr) Packet Size

Via the VT Setup button it is possible to change the Packet Size used for the YMODEM receive function (used in the yr command). Default this is set to auto but is changeable to 1024 or 128. When auto is used Emma 02 will send in packets of 1024 bytes if data is available to fill that, if less data is available 128 will be used.